Come join me at your breath sanctuary in the heart of Chicago at Room to Breathe Chicago for an afternoon of heartfelt reflective exercises, interactive discussion, meditation, and movement techniques to move you toward honoring your inner voice.

Rewriting Your Self-Contracts

Our lives are based on relationships—with ourselves and with others. Our relationships are based on “contracts” or agreements that are often unconscious and unspoken. To grow and live consciously, we must choose contracts that align with our truth, health, and love.

Join us if:

  • You want to strengthen your commitment to yourself and your unique path.
  • You think you might be living in a way that feels misaligned with what you value.
  • You find yourself shrinking your own voice in relationship to others.
  • You notice a pattern in relationship to yourself or others that doesn’t serve you.
  • You would like greater intimacy and meaning in your relationships.

We will:

  • Use mind-body awareness to identify our unconscious contracts.
  • Own our right to have our needs met.
  • Explore mind-body techniques to shift anxiety and help us follow our contracts.
  • Honor our voices as we communicate our needs.
  • Celebrate the freedom of conscious contracts.
  • Move through a brief yoga class specifically designed to awaken truth, health, and love.

We will explore, share, and change old beliefs using reflective exercises, interactive discussion, meditation, and movement techniques.

LocationRoom to Breathe Chicago, 25 E. Washington, Suite 1025A, Chicago, IL 60602

Date & Time:
Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Price: $35.00

Register in advance at Room to Breathe Chicago. Only 10 spots available in total!

Please bring a journal, pen, and small object that is meaningful to you. Wear comfortable clothing. Mats and props provided.

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