Private Yoga Classes

Whether you need a class that can fit your schedule, individualized attention to address a particular health issue, or simply want to deepen your practice, consider a private yoga session.

I integrate physical postures, meditation, breath work, massage, and yoga philosophy offering a full yoga experience to serve your individual goals.

Benefits of Private Yoga Classes:

  • Tailored to meet your goals and needs.
  • Conveniently taught in your home or in a nearby studio at the time you select.
  • 1-on-1 time allows for subtle cuing and hands-on assists for full benefit.
  • With individualized attention, you will more easily release stress and anxiety.

“In this private class, I requested that Melissa walk me slowly through a number of poses. I enjoyed the process of deconstructing the poses, and Melissa was patient and thorough in answering my questions and explaining how to tweak or adjust the poses. This built on things I have been learning in previous classes, while the additional details have given me new things to think about and work on in my yoga practice.” – Kara H.


60-Minute Session – $75

90-Minute Session – $100

10 percent off for packages of 4 sessions.

20 percent off for packages of 8 sessions.

Semi-private classes available – Inquire.

Email to discuss your goals.

Corporate Yoga

Bring yoga to your workplace! We spend a great deal of time hunching the shoulders, straining the neck, using the wrists, and just sitting. Stress and fatigue are common in the workplace.

I bring physical postures, breath work, and meditation to you during the lunch hour or after work to create an environment that breeds healthy and happy employees.

Benefits of Bringing Yoga to Work:

  • Improved physical and mental health reducing costs associated with healthcare, sick leave, etc.
  • Stress reduction and greater aptitude to meet challenges with a steady mind.
  • Development of concentration and ability to focus.
  • Enhanced morale and team building.
  • Increased overall productivity.

Check out the following study and interview with Aetna CEO, Mark Bertolini, featured on PBS NewsHour:

“For this CEO, mindful management means yoga for employees”

Harvard Study on Sitting featured on CNN:

“Sitting Will Kill You, Even If You Exercise”

Pricing for corporate yoga varies.

Contact Melissa at to discuss corporate yoga classes to meet your needs.


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