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“The people were my favorite part of the retreat experience and the most rewarding part was the women’s circle sharing. To be among such positive women was inspiring, not to mention the beautiful surroundings. It was an experience I’ll never forget and I will try to draw on the feeling of oneness I felt doing yoga, meditating, eating healthy food and being with inspiring women for the rest of my life!” – Kathie B.

“The retreat I went on allowed me to meet new people and develop a strong connection with them in a beautiful place. It’s a time to decompress and take a deeper look at yourself. Melissa leads a wonderful yoga class, meditation, and women’s circle discussion. The thing I found was most unique was the opportunity to sit around a circle and discuss things we might not otherwise do. I learned more about myself through the process.” – Melissa W.

“The people of Guatemala were fabulous and we stayed in an amazing house. Melissa is an incredible yoga instructor, challenging, and yet able to meet the needs of everyone in the group. The food was out of this world.” – Susan W.

“In this private class, I requested that Melissa walk me slowly through a number of poses. I enjoyed the process of deconstructing the poses, and Melissa was patient and thorough in answering my questions and explaining how to tweak or adjust the poses. This built on things I have been learning in previous classes, while the additional details have given me new things to think about and work on in my yoga practice.” – Kara H.

“Melissa provides a lot of individual attention and asks for specific requests at the beginning of each class. She’s very professional and friendly and I always feel great and like I got the full yoga experience at the end of each class.” – Elizabeth K.

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